5 Real World Blockchain Implementations

Ecosystem & Use Cases

Energy (Chile)

Chile’s National Energy Commission has started using Ethereum blockchain technology as a means of storing data pertaining to the states energy consumption. Susana Jimenez, Chile’s energy minister, said in a statement: “We are interested in taking this technology from a conceptual level to a concrete case, understanding that it’s considered to be the most disruptive technology of the last decade by world-class experts and that it could be part of day-to-day life in the next few years.”

Insurance (United States)

The insurer AIG, otherwise known as the American International Group Inc, has partnered with IBM to create blockchain-enabled smart contracts, or smart-insurance, to increase transparency and reduce costs within the insurance industry.

Mobile payments (Japan)

A group of Japanese banks, 60 at the time of writing this article, have opted to trial MoneyTap, the Ripple blockchain-powered fintech app, as a means to facilitating quicker mobile payments.

Supply chain (China)

IBM are working with Walmart to create a blockchain-focused on food safety within the supply chain. For example, “it can take a week to trace a head of lettuce back to the farm where it was grown”. Says Tejas Bhatt, senior director of Food Safety, for Walmart. However, by harnessing the power of IBM Blockchain, Walmart and IBM aim to provide a much more efficient means of tracking the progression of food through a supply chain.

Identification (Switzerland)

In 2019 the Swiss town of Zug launched an e-voting pilot that allowed local residents to use their digital IDs to cast votes. The trial aimed to test the technology’s potential in the reduction of election fraud, as well as it’s ability to provide a traceable and immutable historical record of voting within the town.

There are of course many more blockchain initiatives, reaching every corner of the industry, taking place around the world at this very moment. Why not take some time to explore them a little further in your own time.

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