ICO Due Diligence

Cryptocurrency ICOs


Here are five steps that you can follow which may help...

1. We’ll begin with the most obvious in that you should thoroughly read the ICO white-paper, and once you’re done, take a break and then read it again, ensuring to contact the publisher to clear up any questions you may have.

2. Research both the team and/or company offering the investment opportunity, looking at their credentials, website, past successes and industry-specific experience to give you a better idea of their ability to competently execute their plan.

3. Ascertain whether or not the ICO offers real-world value and return on investment.

4. Ensure that you own the cryptocurrency the ICO is accepting as payment. Most ICO’s accept Bitcoin & Ether in addition to Fiat. However, there are exceptions. And finally, our last tip.

5. Ensure that you have the correct investment funds deposit address, as paying into the wrong account or wallet can result in loss of investment.

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