The World Wide Web

Before Blockchain

Take a moment and ask yourself, how different would your life be without the internet?

In fact its quite difficult to fathom a world without the internet, without the ability to go online to stream a movie, pay a bill, or book tickets to that concert you’ve been waiting for. The truth is that the internet has become so necessary, so taken for granted, that living without it, seems almost impossible.

But it hasn’t always been this way. As with most things, the evolution of the internet has come in phases, each of which has ushered a new era of innovation, convenience and opportunity.

The rise of the Internet

Made available to the public in the early nineties, the internet, or world wide web, in its early years was predominantly used for the sharing of information and data in its most basic digital form i.e. text and images, with very few additional features and functions that we’ve all grown accustomed to.

Then came the noughties. With advances in technology, coupled with rising public intrigue, and commercial interest, this decade gave way to the era of mobile and social. Turning newly available smartphones into indispensable tools, and casual users into regular, or in some cases fanatical users.

Recent Advances

More recently we’ve seen the rise of the Internet of Things, where all manner of devices are now being fitted with electronic sensors and software, enabling users to access and control them remotely.

However, a somewhat lesser-known, or at least lesser understood technology has also been paving its way into this narrative. And yes, we’re referring to blockchain.

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